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Hi I'm Jess

Creative | Mindfulness Teacher | Business & Branding Coach
I am Jess Williams, 28 years old and soon to become a mum for the first time!

I am the founder of Create Live Grow. A supportive community for women who have a desire to SHINE and live without anxiety and self-doubt. The Create Live Grow Soul Sister seeks to connect with herself, open up her spiritual side and listen to her truth, leading her to follow her dreams with confidence.

My passion comes from within as I have been there. I have been consumed by anxiety and more so social anxiety, whilst also having a desire to shine, step-up and become my best self. I both desired and discovered how to GROW while all I wanted to do was SHRINK.

More About Me

What Our CLG Soul Sisters have to Say!

  • Words cannot describe how amazing the Create Live Grow community is! It is such a beautiful, genuine, supportive page / community to be apart of. When my friend saw the first 30 Days of Soul advertised she sent it to me saying how she thought it may be good for me. It was seriously a blessing! If you are considering trying the 30 Days of Soul or joining the Soul Family I highly, highly recommend it. I have done multiple soul challenges now and am a part of the CLG Soul Family and I have learnt so much from Jess which I now implement in my daily life. I am so so grateful for all of the light and love shared, thank you Jess!

    Elise Smart CLG Soul Sister
  • If you're wanting to learn how to live a better, healthier life then create live grow is the place to be! I have done the '30 Days of Soul' twice now and it's been nothing short of amazing! My mindset changes completely! I become the best version of myself and i really do grow. Jess is just such a generous soul you can tell that she is passionate about helping others i can't thank her enough for all that she has taught me. On top of that when you become a part of the soul family you don't just become a part of a facebook group you literally become a part of a soul family! You get to meet some really inspiring, beautiful and like minded souls that you really connect with, it really becomes your family. I'll definitely be a create live grow girl forever

    Talia Skye CLG Soul Sister