10 Tips to live an Intentional Life

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By Whitney Hansen – Financial and Life Coach |

We live in a world that tells us we aren’t enough. We don’t have enough, our bodies aren’t enough, our banks accounts aren’t enough, and the only thing to fill this void is material items. 


We chase happiness through materialism so deeply, that we sometimes lose ourselves. We lose touch of what truly matters-personal connection, solitude, and chasing our dreams. 


The constant bombardment of social media posts, television commercials, magazine ads, and watching the next Kardashian jetset to an exotic location has harsh financial and emotional implications. 


This is why we must practice the art of pursuing less. 


Only when we learn to be intentional with our life, will we be given the opportunity to understand true happiness. 


Days are long, but years are short.


We purchase new cars, clothes, finance trips on credit cards and buy seriously silly stuff. But doing this robs us of our one fleeting resource- time. We have to then trade our hours for dollars in order to pay off our once important purchases. Being intentional about purchases leads to more freedom in how we choose to spend our time. 


Some call this minimalism, I call it art.



Here are ten tips to help you live an intentional life. 


1. Say NO more than  you say YES

Time is your most precious asset, treat it that way.


2. Make your home look like a magazine.

Declutter your home. You will find yourself being very careful about what you bring into your space. Read more about this in our recent post here.


3. Become Self-Aware

Many times we make purchases not because we need them, but because we are dealing with something emotionally. Start becoming self-aware of what is driving you to spend money.


4. Practice Gratitude
Every morning start your day by reflecting on your blessings. Say “thank you “for everything and everyone in your life. 


5. Only use CASH and pay off debt!

Leave the credit/ debit cards at home. Research shows you will spend 12-18% more when using plastic. Impulse buys will rob you from an intentional life and a great savings account. Actively begin paying off debt. Read my tips to repay debt here. This will also help you reduce the mind clutter and appreciate the simple life.


6. Exercise Daily

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that how you treat your body isn’t reflected in your bank account as well. The discipline it takes to get your butt to the gym everyday is the same discipline it takes to stick to a budget. 

Discipline is a muscle and using it frequently will help you in all areas of life. Read more in our recent post here.


7. Don’t give your email address out

When you go shopping and they retailer asks for your email so they can send you coupons, respond with “I don’t prefer to give that out. “Marketers know those emails are effective ways to get you to spend money. It clutters your inbox and hurts your bank account. Just say no to emails. 


8. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful, powerful way to get rid of the mental“ noise “in your life. Sometimes focusing on breathing is enough to calm us down emotionally, clear minds, and remind us how lucky we are to be alive. (The greatest gift of all.)


9. Unplug from technology

One day a week keep your phone at home, leave the laptop in your office, and commit to a technology free day. This is so liberating! We are addicted to checking Facebook, Instagram and email. Give yourself the ability to go hiking, exploring, try a new restaurant without reading reviews beforehand, and enjoy the company you are surrounded by. If once a week sounds too frequent, try this once a month. 


10. Mindset Shift

Shift your mindset from everything is essential, to nothing is essential. This seems simple, but will take years mental conditioning to fully understand. But when you understand that material items really don’t matter, you will find happiness. 


The art of pursuing less results in more; more time, more money, more happiness, and better quality relationships overall 


Only when we remove our dependency of technology, material items, and even money, will we find a truly rich life. 


We would love to hear from you. Comment below and let us know what steps are you taking to live a rich life. 


Love Whitney’s tips? read more at her site ‘Whitney Hansen Coaching’

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