Begins Monday October 2nd
Final Registrations Close In... 
Begins October 2nd - Final Registrations Are Closed
A beautiful opportunity to increase your self 
confidence and connection to the TRUE you!
 Increase your self confidence
and connection to the TRUE you!
*Begins October 2nd, Final Registrations Close 29th September, 2017!
 30 mini Soul Tasks that are simple to implement into your current lifestyle
  Learn tools to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiousness
 Discover a new sense of meaning in life
 Be a part of a supportive and uplifting community
 Develop your self-confidence and self-connection
 Attract more of what you want out of life
 Feel great and center yourself into the here & now
If all this program did was help you create a daily routine that connects you with the true you, 
would it be worth it?

If all this program did was give you tools to stop overwhelm, worry, fear and anxiety controlling your life would it be worth it?

If all this program did was give you access to a private, uplifting community, would it be worth it?
If the answer to any of those questions was
yes, NOW is the time lovely...
An enlightening experience that will fit into any lifestyle - completely online.
 Daily Soul Tasks
Simple and fun tasks to implement into your day
 Meditation Audio Tracks
Guided Audios suitable for beginners.
You can even play it as you fall asleep.
 Gratitude Audio Tracks
Start your day off right with an inspiring audio
 Private Facebook Community
The most incredible group of Soul Sisters
 Soul Guide E-Book
Keep yourself on track and tick off as you go!
The '30 Days of Soul' Begins October 2nd, 2017
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You're Probably Thinking...
You’re probably wondering how the 30 Days of Soul Program works?
Overall the program is 30 mini tasks each day. They are simple and easy to do , help bring you into the now, appreciate life and enjoy every moment. For example: Become conscious of how you use your phone today rather than mindlessly scrolling.
You’re probably thinking how long is it going to take me each day?
Only 10 to 20 minutes per day but remember this is all about experiencing our lives in a different way instead of adding more into our life.
You’re probably thinking “I really hope this works” Right?
Well - these simple tasks have helped me enjoy more of life, it's also worked for thousands of other women... so YES if you commit to yourself and the program then you will notice changes too.
You’re probably wondering "what if I fail?" Right?
I always say it's impossible to fail at this program. Just by taking part you have succeeded! You have embraced a new part of yourself and become part of a supportive group. If you can take just ONE thing away from this experience to implement ongoing, then it will be worth it.
You’re probably thinking "I'm not sure if I have the time?" Right?
We all have really busy lives so I'm sure that's a common concern - especially if we are already feeling overwhelmed. The truth is,  the daily soul tasks only take a few minutes and really set your day up to be a success. And remember, as Tony Robbins says "If we don't have 10 minutes a day, then we don't have a life"
You're probably thinking is this going to help me with my feelings of anxiousness, and connection with myself?
I strategically designed this program because of my own anxiety. Time and time again I receive incredible feedback from women who are SO happy with how much their levels of anxiety have decreased.  30 Days of Soul is fantastic to center yourself into the here and now PLUS so much more!
You’re probably thinking "whats the catch?" Right?
The catch is you still have to put in the work - no one can do this for you! What you put in, you get out, but I know you will! Because you're ready for this!
Are you sure I'm not signing up for something with a commitment, contract, or "cancellation fee"?
100% sure. This program is only 30 days and there are absolutely no ongoing payments.
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