Audio – How the 30 Day Soul Challenge Started

In this audio I share how the Create Live Grow 30 Day Soul Challenge began. I am excited to share this story with you to show that we don’t always need to know the exact direction we are headed when starting a business or a new product. It is also totally natural to feel overwhelmed with thoughts that we aren’t good enough or that it won’t work. My advice is to JUST START.


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  2. Jassy

    Love this so much Jess! Isn’t it funny how we stumble across things just as we need them <3 I'm currently creating my first website and the self doubt is so real! I've been tossing up about joining the Soul Family and doing the next 30 Day Soul Challenge but this resonated with me so much that I know I need to get on board. I thought I might wait until I'm not so busy with the project but maybe this is the perfect thing to support me through the process and keep that self doubt at bay. Signing up right now 🙂

    Thank you for always being honest and vulnerable with us!

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