- Don't leave it to chance.
Imagine coming back from a walk with so
much inspiration & motivation to kickstart your day!
Benefits of Motivation Through Movement Tracks...
 You'll feel energized & more prepared for your day
 You'll have filled your cup up first so that you can really give today your best effort
 Connect with yourself & feel centered
 You'll be maximizing the benefits of going for a short walk because afterwards you'll feel really motivated & inspired from within because of what you listened to
 This is perfect if you have a hard time holding still & sitting and this is an amazing boost to your current meditation!
 Walking while listening to this helps you feel more present, appreciate life and start the day in a great mindset
So start with these Motivation Through Movement Tracks - it's a practice called Active Meditation!
What You Will Receive...
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How Best To Use Motivation Through Movement Tracks...
Step #1
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Step #2
Play a track of your choice as you walk (or even while you clean the house)
Step #3
Experience all the benefits for yourself
I know how busy we can get!

You all have amazing lives and even though you're grateful you still experience 'bad' days, right?

I've been wanting to help all my Soul Family Sisters even more with this...

We all know how much moving our bodies help us feel more at peace with ourselves

We're always encouraging each other to move our bodies, but how do we turn off those nasty thoughts that run through our mind still?

And how can we MAXIMIZE the benefits of going on a walk?

The answer is... by listening to a Motivation Through Movement Track!

You can choose a track that suits what you specifically need in that very moment.

Unfortunately life isn't always going to go the way we planned for it to...

But luckily we have the ability to empower ourselves in that moment and choose a new mindset!
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