Putting up your own Creative Wall?

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By Jessica Williams – Designer |

I know a lot of professional creatives (since I am one myself) but I also know a lot of wannabe creatives.

I don’t mean that in a judgemental way at all! In fact it’s awesome! Just because you haven’t gone to uni and learnt how to take a photo or taught how to use photoshop at Tafe it doesn’t mean you are necessarily any less ‘creative’ than the next person.

It can be easy to hold ourselves back from trying something just because we might be ‘bad’ at it.

Guess what? We are all varying levels of ‘bad’.

I may be better at designing a poster than the person next to me but far less successful than someone on the other side of the room – and who is to judge anyway? Sometimes I even feel a bit like a fraud, but I tell that voice she’s being silly and I just get on with it.

I look back on a lot of old work and think – what was I thinking ??? And I’m sure I’ll do the same again in a few years with some things I do now, but who cares? In fact I WANT that to happen. Every time I look back and cringe it also makes me really happy – because I can see how much I’ve improved.

We can either stay where we are right now forever – oh god – or continue to give it a go till we feel like we are getting somewhere. Just like anything In life.

People say to me, oh I always wanted to do photography, or start a business, or learn to design, or try painting. What’s stopping you? Usually just yourself!

There are an infinite amount resources out there to show you the first steps to take. It’s just about stepping out of your comfort zone. Trust me this whole site has made me do that! I’ve learnt how to edit video, build a parallax website, push my photography to a new level, actually WRITE articles…and I didn’t allow myself to give into any of it because I had an inner yearning and it just HAD to be done or this site wouldn’t happen.
How did I figure it all out?

I asked people to help me, I googled every little question I had, I downloaded free ebooks and most of all I just gave it a crack and believed I could already do it. That’s right I just assumed that I already knew how to do it but maybe just forgot so needed some reminding.

Start small, and learn one skill a week. If you want to draw , then learn how to create tone through sketching. If you want to take photos, learn about light and the best time of day to get out there. Go ahead and ask someone, I’m sure they will be flattered.

And continually remind yourself of this quote … ‘Never compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle’.
You’ve got this!

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