Scared of using Video & Snapchat for your business? Try these tips!

If you run a business or blog, you may have thought about incorporating video or snapchat to your marketing.

If you have ever watched a video and felt an instant liking towards someone, or have taken one step closer to them and their offering (such as liking their page, buying their product, signing up for their free opt-in or following them on instagram) then you understand what an impact video can have for your business.

The thing is though, a lot of us aren’t comfortable on camera, or are worried what people may think of us… leading to self-doubt stopping us from even giving it a go.

We may feel that we have SO much to share, yet something holds us back. Which really is a shame, as that leads us to missing out on extra connection with our audience. It also means that the person who IS comfortable to do these things will have more of an advantage in the marketplace.

Sharing who YOU are, allows others to resonate with you as a person and connect with your brand on a more intimate level. I found that when I became vulnerable with the people following my accounts, sharing the true version of myself, that the Create Live Grow community truly began to build, and become a place where others felt safe to do the same.


I truly believe in giving more than I ask for, and I have heard this over and over again in marketing videos and articles. Business is no longer about creating a great marketing campaign and selling a product, it is about CONNECTION.

It is about GIVING in a genuine way that is true for you. This way, when you are ready to launch an offering that you know will serve your community, there is a trust there and they are truly excited to delve in deeper to what you have to offer.

This creates a beautiful giving and receiving between yourself and your community. A business that isn’t simply about trying to sell, but more about serving and contributing.



So how do we embrace video if it scares us?

I was recently chatting with a friend who struggles to build the confidence to talk on snapchat. I shared with her a technique I had developed and REALLY helped me. I received a message from her just yesterday to say she had tried it and it WORKED! She said…

‘I have never shared myself on my business accounts so hopefully I’ll do more!’

This makes me SO happy because the more we can share our TRUE selves, the more doors open up for us!

Here are my tips below, I would love to hear your feedback and how you go with them!



  • Put your phone on airplane mode


When it comes to doing a big ‘chat’ on snapchat, it can seem a little overwhelming. The great thing is that it is only 10 second bursts.

Get an idea of what you want to say and have your phone on airplane mode. This means that your snaps won’t post, they will simply sit in your story waiting to be uploaded when you reconnect to the internet.

Do all of your snaps – You can even re-watch what you have done to remember what you are up to. If you don’t like one, that’s ok you can delete it and re-do it – no one will know as it is hasn’t been posted yet.

Once you have re-watched your snaps and are happy with them. Take your phone off airplane mode. Go back to your story and tap each one to upload them to your story.

This does take quite a while, but you can be sure that you will love the result of your chat.

Once you have done this a few times, your confidence will begin to build and before long you will be doing snapchats without even thinking about putting your phone on airplane mode!




  • Do you ever worry that you won’t be able to get the right words out? That you will say ‘um’ over and over? Do you feel as though you can get your message across much better in text than speaking? Then I highly recommend a tele-prompter.

Similar to a newsreader, it is possible to write your script and then read it as you video yourself.

The great thing is, I have found a way to do this on my phone!

I have only used this twice but I found it really  built my confidence to realise hey, I CAN do this!

I have used the premium version of an app called – Teleprompter.

You can control the speed of the text and see yourself as you speak. There are only a couple of words per line so your audience won’t be able to see your eyes moving back and forth.

Drop any doubt around this being ‘cheating’ , you are still sharing YOUR message – majority of professional videos utilise a teleprompter.



The part most of us find scary about Facebook Live, is that it really is live. Your audience is experiencing what you are saying as you are saying it – although there is no need to put pressure on yourself to be perfect. As I’ve mentioned, video is about connection and being REAL – so if you ‘stuff up’ just own it and move on.


  • The way I became more confident doing Facebook Live, was to create a safe environment.


I do my Facebook Live’s in Create Live Grow Facebook Groups. This is where I know that the women watching really want to hear what I have to say, I don’t feel judged by them.

I also did a lot of facebook live videos with my business partner who is also my Mum. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very comfortable talking. Doing this together in a more relaxed ‘chat’ style took a lot of pressure off me as I didn’t feel as though I had to talk the entire time.

You may also like to do a talk whilst out on a walk or somewhere with a beautiful view. This way you can always turn the camera around if you’d like a break and show them the view and the surroundings.

Remember that you don’t need to be perfect. Be honest about how you’re feeling, majority of people feel exactly the same and will relate to you even more for being honest. You are also leading by example and becoming an inspiration to those that feel the same way.



Choose a topic you know and are PASSIONATE about. When we are passionate about sharing and contributing our message, we step out of our own head. The audience can FEEL your passion and will be intrigued in your message.

They will feel that it is coming from your heart. The words will also flow.



The biggest help of all has been to lock in a time and simply get it done!!

It is only with practice that it will become second nature.


Enjoy the process and GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to hear how you go xxx

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  1. Love this beautiful! I know Ive used a tele-prompter in the past also for this same reason! 🙂 thanks for sharing lovely xx

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