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By Kristy Litis – Nutritionist |

It always feels amazing to clean out the cupboards and clean up the body. Some people are a bit iffy about doing detoxes and cleanses but it’s a wonderful gift to give your body a break, give your cells a flush and digestive system some breathing room. You can take them as serious or as subtle as you need. Some go hard-core, some just incorporate a few daily principles into their routine to assist the detoxification pathways. Our bodies are constantly flushing unwanted waste and toxins from day to day life. Its only fair if we give them a service and a good clean every so often.

Why Should We Cleanse?

Doing a Cleanse allows the digestive system, kidneys, lymph and skin a chance to rejuvenate and to heal. Removing aggravating factors allows the body to lower any inflammation that may be occurring, facilitates the healing process and shifts toxins that may have been building up for several years. The aim- is removing, releasing, detoxifying purifying, and renewing the gut as well. It assists in alkalising the body whilst removing allergy promoting foods and substances that are pro-inflammatory. It is giving our bodies the chance to empty that bathtub (my analogy I refer to). Toxins are hard to avoid. There are environmental toxins such as; heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, food additives, pollutants and medications, and internal toxins that are generated internally by nasty pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and yeasts that we just cannot escape.

Is your Liver Struggling?

How do you feel when you have a strong coffee on an empty stomach? Do perfumes, chemical smells or fumes aggravate you? Have you got poor alcohol tolerance or get pimples more than you need to? Your liver may be crying out for some L-O-V-E.

The livers job is to neutralize toxins and render them harmless, if there are too many toxins or the body’s ability to detoxify is diminished, toxins will re-circulate in the blood and cause many disturbances in many different areas of the body.

My Bathtub Analogy- The liver is like a bathtub, constantly having new toxins poured in from every day living, it does its best to filter and drain but eventually, it may overflow!!

(Bang-and this is where the symptoms arise)


Louise Hay believes that liver problems are associated with resistance to change, fear, anger and hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and rage.

Some Common Signs Your Liver May Be Showing (Helppp me)!

    • Skin conditions; psoriasis, acne, eczema, skin rashes, itchiness
    • Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
    • Cellulite
    • Coates tongue
    • Dark circles under the eyes
    • Brownish pigment spots on skin
    • Excessive burping or indigestion
    • Abdominal bloating
    • Inability to digest fatty foods
    • Nausea after a high fat meal
    • Floaty stools
    • Diarrhoea, constipation or light coloured stools
    • Foggy brain
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Food sensitivities
    • Waking at night between 1-3
    • Allergy or sensitivities to chemicals in paints, petrol, bleaches, fabric softener, perfumes, coffee etc

SO what to do:

Incorporating these steps into every day life may assist and support our detoxification pathways. Again, you can go as subtle or as hard as you like. Listen to your body and remember every little step counts and is better than not helping out the system at all.

How to Always be Cleansing: 12 pointers

1. Morning liver flush: You have learned that lemon juice in the morning’s aid in rinsing you’re your liver of built up toxins from the previous days digestive work. Make this flush a habit!

2. Stay hydrated: Very important to keep well hydrated. Your body will be able to shift toxins easier if it is hydrated. Good quality filtered water is ideal, other drinks you may consume are herbal teas, kombuchas and a fresh coconut water here and there. Aim for 2-3 litres of filtered water a day.

3. Benefits of juicing: Juicing is the most potent way to alkalize our bodies. Juicing in the mornings allows our bodies to have a mini-juice fast and flood our systems with enzymes and nutrients that are rapidly absorbed. You need to make the juice happen even if it means freezing them and having them on hand.

4. Avoid junk food: Eliminating crappy food from the pantry and your life should be a new long term practice, not a short term phase. Avoid glutinous grains, dairy products, alcohol and anything out of a packet (yes that’s right).

5. WHOLE foods always: Nothing processed or out of a packet (yes I said it again to really drill it in). Stick to plant based foods daily and only good quality animal proteins for 1 serve per day such as organic eggs, wild locally caught fish, organic chicken and grass fed meat.

6. Move your body: Walking, swimming, yoga, boxing, rebounding (my new fav); any physical exercise you enjoy, even if you only commit to 20 minutes a day it stimulates blood flow, circulation, metabolic function, and forces you to breathe more deeply.

7. Sweat every day: whether it is in a sauna, steam room or going for a walk or having a hot bath, detoxifying your skin by sweating and allowing the pores to open up.

8. Sleep: Setting the circadian rhythm is vital. It is ideal to retire at around 9.30-10 and wake around 5.30-Sleep allows our body to heal, repair and generate new cells, the skin can revive itself and toxins can be eliminated. It is very important to rest during cleansing.

9. Colonics: Ok so this isn’t every body’s cup of tea. However, as the colon is cleansed it pushes away undigested waste through your system, clearing the way for sufficient nutrient absorption. Colonic irrigation removes toxins and other burdens of putrefaction from the body, thereby assisting and supporting all other forms of natural treatment. As the intestines become cleaner, they can cope better with what you are putting in, and then can release unwanted matter.

10. Dry skin brush: This is another daily cleansing ritual you should get into the habit of which has numerous health benefits. Our skin is the largest organ of absorption and elimination. The skin eliminates about 500grams of waste per day. Dry skin brushing can improve circulation, stimulate hormones, firm the skin and stimulate lymphatic drainage, encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste. How it’s done: Your skin and brush should be dry (you can find natural bristle ones for about $10), begin with lower extremities and work towards your heart in circular motions. Pass brush over all of body except the face.

11. Healthy gut. Take a daily probiotic.

12. Check the EWG Dirty Dozen list when choosing organic produce (it helps make life that little bit easier when deciding between conventional and organic produce).

13. Experience a Cleanse once a year to let the body know its loved xoxo

My Fave Juice Recipes

Green Goodness

6 cos lettuce leaves, handful spinach or 4 stems kale, 3 limes/lemons, 1 cucumber, 1 knob ginger, 1 handful mint 1 TBS, parsley, little stevia if need sweetening or a green apple.

Exciting little fact~ Cos lettuce is high in calcium, vitamin C and B vitamins, it also contains sufficient amounts of betacarotene (vitamin A) and an array of vital minerals. Cos lettuce juice has a chemical composition that contains properties conducive to helping the activity of the adrenal cortex in its function of secreting its hormone adrenaline, to keep the body in balance. Kale and spinach are rich in phytonutrients, and is vital for the entire digestive system raw material for cleansing, reconstruction and regeneration of the intestinal tract. This juice is rich in chlorophyll; this green goodness is the blood of plants, its structure is similar to haemoglobin, it is vital for clean blood and repairing tissues. Green veggie juice (kale, spinach, alfalfa, rocket, zucchini, wheat grass and barley grass etc) is the fastest way to heal inflamed tissues and help the liver rid the body of harmful dietary and environmental toxins including herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.

Kristy’s Detoxing Delight

3 carrots, 1 cup beetroot leaves, 1 cup dandelion leaves, 3 limes, 1/2 green apple, 1/2 cup parsley, 1/2 cup coriander, 1/3 knob ginger, teaspoon supergreens powder

Exciting little fact~ Dandelion root and leaves have incredible cleansing power. Dandelion juice is proabaly one of the most valuable tonics, helps to alkalize the system and counteract hyperacidity while extremely high in nutrients needed for cleansing such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. It increases bile production and assists in transporting toxins out of the body. Parsley has properties essential to oxygen metabolism in maintaining the normal action of the adrenal and thyroid glands. Coriander helps eliminate heavy metals.

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    • Eleanor
    • August 17, 2016

    So pleased to find this blog post! I have a lot of similar symptoms so I’m definitely going to try a cleanse this weekend and start adding in those daily tips. Thanks 🙂

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