Top 3 Tips when Working out With Friends

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By Jessica-Ann (Personal Trainer) – My Authentic Glow

Working out with friends can be one of the most fun and motivating things you can do.

It is however completely up to you to drag yourself out of bed and get yourself to training; it is your decision to still train if your mates can’t make a session or if coffee and cake sound better than hill sprints and squats!

There are times when working out in a group or with a friend works so well and others that are better done solo. Different people prefer different things and I find even my different moods prefer different environments when I train. For example; some days I will only have fifteen minutes to get out and get moving. I find these are best done on the floor in my living room or down the road at the local park.

Other days I have 30 minutes to an hour so I may make it into the gym to tee up a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session with a friend who has a flexible schedule. On the rare occasion I have an ENTIRE MORNING, I’ll go for a walk around the headland or Pilates with a bunch of like minded people – pushing our bodies and working hard together.

What I have found though is that when I do get to work out with my friends it is the best!

Working out with friends helps you sweat it out and really enjoy it. It gives you more purpose in your workout and a way to get creative. So here are my top three ways to make a workout with friends worth it.

Let’s Get Started!

Read the article and watch the videos to see the exercise in action…

1. Warm Up:

Try to create something that can be done in pairs and gets the heart rate up. You want to be able to ease into it so pairing a high intensity exercise with a lower intensity one for an active recovery is great for this. For example, foot taps and squat pulses or a 50-meter sprint and a wall sit. Warm ups should take approximately five to ten minutes.

Take a look at this video for ideas…

2. Make it Fun:

Throw a game in there like Helicopter with a skipping rope or towel or add in something like assisted butt raises; whatever you do try not to take yourself too seriously. There are loads of games you can play to get the heart racing or work on your core – such as a hand clap game whilst in plank or whilst holding a squat!

I also love to create an exercise where you need to co-ordinate your body together, or else you’ll both end up in a big heap!

This means that each person (make the exercise do-able for both parties) has to be present and finish the exercise. For example: one person may be doing a burpee over the other whilst one person is holding a plank / prone bridge.

Or one person may be in a sit up position bringing their legs out and in and the other jumping over them (shown in the warm up video above) This keeps it interesting, fun and burns calories!

Take a look at these video for ideas…

3. A little competition goes a long way:

Bring in an activity where one partner has to hold an exercise while the other has to complete a certain number of runs, jumps, skips or burpees. This encourages both partners to finish their exercises and get through it together.

For example in this video we complete a certain number of kicks (you could use a pillow or a cushion), then one person runs laps while the other holds a squat…

Or it may like to set a timer and complete a combination of exercises, seeing how many times you can complete them in the timeframe. These types of challenges help you to really focus on the workout and bang out as many reps as possible – feel the burn!

Check out this fun one…

In addition to designing your exercises to get a solid workout in, try to help motivate each other with your goals. This means staying accountable for what you’re working towards. Write down what you want out of the next 3 to 6 or to 12 weeks and give it to your friend.

Come up with ways to get there and be genuine and realistic about this. Keep you’re friends paper for the full 3-12 weeks and swap back at the end, noticing where you were successful or where you could have improved. Having someone help you along the way to stay accountable helps so much, especially on those days you struggle to get up and get moving.

It may not be accountability through a written form, rather just setting a time and day to workout and both sticking to it. You may have a walk planned three mornings a week – it’s so much harder to tell a friend you are staying in bed than it is yourself!

Try to work out what works for you and find people with a similar interest in making time and making it happen.

All the best with your workouts and have fun xo

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    Love, love, love your advice and words of wisdom!! Keep it coming PLEASE!!!! 😍😍

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