What does it mean to Create Live Grow?

What does it mean to Create Live Grow?

Lately I have been delving deeper into what it actually means to live a lifestyle that represents Create Live Grow.

To be honest, the name began as a personal Instagram account. I wanted to share my journey of self-development and encompass the areas of life that meant the most to me… the parts that fulfilled me.

So, originally Create represented creativity, Live represented a healthy lifestyle and Grow represented Personal and Spiritual Growth.

This still rings true of course.

However now that my Instagram account has developed into a full time passion and purpose… with a growing team, she has her own identity!  Create Live Grow means so much more. Not just to me but everyone involved.

So I began discovering the meaning, purpose and values behind CLG …

What is the purpose behind her as a business?

What are the key values she represents?

What does it mean to be part of this community?

The result was inspiring and is now propelling us forward with a compelling vision for the future

Here it is….

Our Purpose at CLG is:

Empowering women to discover and live their truth with confidence

Our Values:

Integrity | Growth | Quality | Heart | Authenticity | Lead By Example | Uplifting

As a team (and we now have two BEAUTIFUL women working here Kristy and Khy) we live by these values every day and are very excited for future.

We hope that as a member of the CLG community – whether that be simply following on social, or as part of our programs and membership – you feel an even deeper connection to what it means to CREATE. LIVE. GROW.


Jess xxx

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