What is Spiritual Healing?

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By Moira Williams – Spiritual & Emotional Healer |

It is the ultimate tool for true inner balance…..


For a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that there might be more to you than your physical body….What do you notice?


Perhaps your senses are noticing the environment you are in. As you observe the different sounds, smells and feelings you begin to notice that it is all happening to you…all you are doing is relaxing and watching.


You may begin to notice that whether your eyes are open or closed there is a part of you that is aware….it notices thoughts and pictures the mind may be revealing of who and what you are when you are with friends, family, work colleagues or alone. As you observe all the inner movies of various aspects of your life you begin to see these are things you do, but not necessarily who you are.


Maybe in each case you behave differently. This realization is the beginning of aligning to the Spiritual aspect of yourself and you are now meditating (concentrating) on what is moving through your Mind. Allowing it to happen, just noticing and allowing the next thing to happen is being the “observer”.


Become aware of your breathing now…


as it comes in through your nose, how it feels, how the body expands and deflates….now your awareness has shifted from being up in the head to down into the body and it then becomes more about feelings…subtle feelings in and around the body.


These feelings begin the journey of releasing energy from the subconscious…energy in the form of old stress, experiences, emotions, beliefs….you may feel energy  beginning to move through the body, mind and spirit.


As you allow the “movie slides” to move through as different thoughts, emotions and pictures, the blocked feelings (heaviness, pain, etc) move too…this is the letting go process.


Letting go is not an automatic response for  human beings…


as we may have experienced or witnessed more unpleasant experiences (contracting) than positive ones (expanding) and this becomes a familiar way of feeling…..holding on, remembering past stories, blaming others for  situations…continually living the same story that we “contracted” possibly years ago. This keeps the human body in a state of “tension” both inner and outer.


By connecting with the Spiritual (energy) aspect of ourselves it is like we are stepping out of the story and becoming the observer, just like going to the movies. By taking time to do this it is possible to relax and let go of the experience, thought, feeling that was contracted in the past to regain a feeling of expansion which reveals itself as lightness, clarity, freedom  and happiness in the present.

This is Spiritual Healing.


The observing part of the Self is able to see the truth, let go of what is contracted in the past and reconnect with pure unconditional love which is within and beneath the contraction, and then create something new…a thought, feeling, behavior or action.


As the healing takes place on the Spiritual level it gradually filters through the Mental, Emotional and Physical creating balance. Sometimes it is felt and seen immediately, but generally it unfolds gradually over time. There is no exact experience with healing and meditation as the Higher Intelligence knows what is needed at that time.  It is important to connect with this Higher Self regularly so that it can continue doing it’s work.


Sometimes the contraction is so tight and the energy is so embedded in the Physical, Mental or Emotional parts of Self that it is necessary to visit a Spiritual Healer who is able to relax and loosen the energy encouraging the letting go process and then assist in realigning the individual’s energy centre to their higher purpose.


The technique of Meditation needs to be practiced regularly to keep this connection with the Spiritual Self and keep the letting go process automatic and natural. Life these days can be busy and stressful making it too easy to stay stuck in the thinking and doing and forgetting to take time to just “Be”. When this happens it is necessary to wake up and become conscious of what is happening and take time out to go within or visit a Healer for unconditional loving support.


On the Spiritual level there is a great deal of help from either family members who have passed before as well as higher Spiritual energies known as Angels and Guides.


We are not alone on this journey of life…


there are many who journey with us. By taking the time to go within a whole new landscape of life becomes available and it is very apparent that there is a purpose to living this human existence.


If I could suggest something to practice daily, it would be to take time to become more familiar with the Breath….it is our life force as it supplies oxygen to the body and is also the Spiritual Self. By taking the time to reconnect and slow the breathing down you will be using an incredibly simple tool to bring balance and peace. Remembering to notice the breath and taking a moment to breathe out fully will automatically change the rhythm of breathing and shift your focus into the here and now. This will encourage a more rational and less emotional reaction to a situation.


Reminding yourself to connect feelings with thoughts creates balance in itself.  Spending all day in thoughts creates a buildup of feelings which need to be expressed. Taking time to journal thoughts and feelings is a great outlet enabling you to come back to the here and now and relax (expand the energy field).


Practising the process of Meditation and Spiritual Healing is truly being a responsible human being.


Have fun discovering your Observer!


Sending love and light


Moira xx



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